Relative humidity/temp transmitter

PACIFIC Sensor Technologies has introduced the PST-T3111 relative humidity and temperature transmitter.

The PST-T3111 is part of the new range of programmable temperature and humidity transmitters equipped with temperature and relative humidity sensors.

Measured values are also converted to other humidity interpretation – dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio or specific enthalpy.

Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit are user selectable. Transmitters are available in wall-mount, duct-mount and bar types. Also types with T+RH probe on a cable are available.

The transmitter contains a microprocessor-based control circuitry in a durable plastic case with connection terminals and sensors in a filter with stainless steel mesh.

Humidity transmitters are also available with two galvanic isolated 4-20mA outputs. Configuration of outputs and output range are user adjustable.

Large dual line LCD for simultaneous display of T+RH or other humidity interpretation is an advantage. Display is possible to switch off.

Computerised design ensures temperature compensation of the humidity sensor and fail indication. State-of-the-art capacitive polymer sensor ensures excellent calibration long-term stability, inertia against water and condensation.

Features include:

* Air relative humidity range 0 to 100%

* Accuracy of relative humidity measurement ±2.5% relative humidity from 5 to 95% at 23°C

* Accuracy of temperature output ±0.4°C from -30 to +100°C, ±0.4% from reading over +100°C

* Accuracy and range of dew point temperature output ±1.5°C at ambient temperature T<25°C and RH>30% range -60 to +80°C

* Accuracy and range of absolute humidity output: ±3g/m3 at ambient temperature T<40°C range 0 to 400g/m3

* Accuracy and range of specific humidity output: ±2g/kg at ambient temperature T<35°C range 0 to 550g/kg

* Accuracy and range of mixing ratio output ±2g/kg at ambient temperature T<35°C range 0 to 995g/kg

* Accuracy and range of specific enthalpy output: ±3kJ/kg at ambient temperature T<25°C range: 0 to 995kJ/kg.

Transmitters are designed for use in non-aggressive environments.

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