Reach truck for all conditions

THE new XRSac reach truck is said to be ideal for companies that want one single machine for both internal and outdoor handling.

The reach truck has a three point layout structure (two load wheels, one drive wheel) with stability pads under the driving cab. The chassis has a ballast weight to lower the truck’s load centre and got excellent level of stability.

The reach truck has been designed to be spacious and ergonomic, with an adjustable steering wheel which can positioned according to the operator’s requirements.

Additional features include a 6.5 kW AC technology traction motor, with a motor-gear-rubber wheel and a suspension system that reduces the dumping and prevents the drive wheel wear.

The hydraulic pump unit has a 14 kW powerful AC technology motor and all hydraulic functions are managed by finger-tip levers. The vehicle is also fitted with a tilting mast.

Equipped with a service brake (via foot pedal) that acts on the load wheels, the reach truck also has a release braking system in place when the operator’s foot leaves the accelerator pedal.

Two different battery cases are available to adapt to the workload and side battery removal using an external trolley is provided as an option.

For more information visit the OM website at www.om-mh.com.

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