Radiation-free carton inspection

DETECTION Systems has released its ultra compact second generation Package Contents Inspection Systems (PCIS).

The second generation is easy to install, simply dropping over existing product lines and occupying minimal line length.

PCIS uses radio waves to detect items with wrong count, wrong fill level, wrong position or orientation, inside sealed cartons as they are conveyed down a production line at high speed.

Series 4400, for inspecting cartons of bottles, jars or cans, is the first of the second generation to be released.

PCIS sees through the outer packaging, whether cardboard or shrink wrapped plastic or other, to reveal the true picture of the contents inside the carton. Bottle opacity and fill liquid colour do not affect performance.

The technology offers accurate inspection as it focuses in on each item inside the package. It has no speed vs accuracy tradeoff, so ultra high production rates are easily accommodated.

PCIS equipment uses safe, low energy radio waves to reveal the true picture of the internal contents. No special handling or shielding requirements are required.

The equipment is ultra reliable, typically only requiring a single factory calibration, and has negligible running costs.

Models as short as 50mm are available, to fit almost any production line. In some cases PCIS can even be installed inside existing packaging machines.

Several more models from the second generation will be released during coming months.

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