Quality Australian-made static overbelt magnet


Introducing a safer option! Pulling large tramps off an Overbelt Magnet or Tramp Iron Magnets, as they are sometimes called is a task in itself. There is a high risk of hand injury as the metal is often sharp, and a lot of force is required to remove it from the magnet.  

MSA has offered easy-to-discharge Tramp Iron Magnets for many years now with growing demand since the 2016 Report “In Safe Hands” The State of Hand Protection in Australia, compiled by the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation and Ansell. 

Our Stainless-steel drawers make cleaning operations simple and safe. The drawer can be easily pulled out from under the magnet, and the collected tramps will fall from the magnetic field for an easy and safe collection. Quality bearings are used to prevent the collected tramps from pinning the drawer to the magnet, and a stopper is in place to prevent the drawer from opening too far and falling.  

Imported magnets trying to copy our concept usually have more rudimentary designs without bearings and stoppers. These basic copies often result in the captured tramp pinning their drawer to the bottom of the magnet. MSA has seen drawers that open over the belt which discharge back into the burden, instead of being discharged off to the side of the conveyor belt, as our Overbelts do.

A truly dependable means of tramp metal extraction: 

  • These Australian-made units are installed over conveyors to remove unwanted iron and steel items, such as machinery damaging roof bolts, bucket teeth, or product contaminating items like fencing wire, screws, staples, and other steel items.  
  • Eyelets are rated for shear loads allowing flexibility in your install.  
  • All MSA units conform to current engineering standards and best practices. 
  • Large stockholding, rapid delivery of spares and components. 

Manufactured in Australia, the Static Over-belt Suspension Magnets are high-quality and durable machines. They are designed to provide low maintenance and effective metal separation. Protect yourself and others from injury with our quality, easy, and safe-to-discharge magnet from MSA Magnets. 

Company: MSA Magnetics
Phone: 1800 466 246

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