PS device series from Beckhoff: compact and universal 24/48 V DC power supplies

The three new PS power supply series comprise a total of 18 devices. The 1- and 3-phase DIN-rail mountable power supply units are very compact and supply output currents from 2.5 to 40 A. With a temperature-optimised device design, these power supplies ensure excellent convection cooling, long service life, maximum reliability and up to 96.3 per cent efficiency. The versatile PS series features a wide-range input and comes with a number of different technical approvals, making it suitable for worldwide and universal use in 24 and 48 V DC applications.

With the PS device series, Beckhoff offers high-quality power supplies for almost all applications in both the 24 V and 48 V DC range, including motion control applications with stringent requirements for handling back EMF (electromagnetic force). Excellent convection, minimised power loss and high efficiency of up to 96.3 per cent optimise the service life and reliability of the devices. The peak power capability of up to 150 per cent makes it possible to provide up to 1.44 kW output power for short periods of time. Together with the space-saving design and high immunity to transients and overvoltages, this allows efficient and cost-effective use even in harsh industrial environments. In addition, the power supplies can switch off circuit breakers quickly and accurately through a precise tripping function to avoid unnecessary machine downtime.

The power supply portfolio includes the following device series:

  • PS1000 with six 1-phase power supply units for smaller and cost-sensitive applications (24 V DC, 2.5/3.8/5/10/20 A, efficiency up to 95.2 per cent)
  • PS2000 with five 1- and 3-phase power supply units for standard applications (24/48 V DC, 5/10/20 A; efficiency up to 96.3 per cent, 120 per cent permanent output power)
  • PS3000 with seven 1- and 3-phase power supply units for demanding applications (24/48 V DC, 10/20/40 A, efficiency up to 95.4 per cent, 150 per cent output power for 4 s)

The UL-approved power supplies can also be used in highly specialised industries, e.g., with approvals according to SEMI 47 (semiconductor industry) or DNV GL (shipbuilding). They can also be used in hazardous areas requiring explosion protection (Class I Division 2, IECEx and ATEX).

Optimized design to manage heat and back EMF

The devices are specifically designed with good convection cooling properties in mind. The number of components has been minimised to allow sufficient space for air convection. In addition, components that are particularly temperature-sensitive and prone to rapid aging are placed at the bottom of the unit, i.e. as close as possible to incoming cool air. This temperature-optimised design means that the components used are subjected to less thermal stress, thus achieving a long service life. In addition, components that are subject to less stress retain their technical characteristics for longer, and the influence of external heat is minimised. All of these features also improve reliability.

Due to the high tolerance to electrical feedback, the power supply units are ideally suited for motion applications. They also have exceptional peak power capability to operate motors, capacitors and other loads that require more power at start-up than in the nominal range. In most cases, the power supplies from a lower and more cost-effective power class in the portfolio will be adequate for this purpose.

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