Protect your people and processes with innovative warehouse racking

Even the best forklift drivers have accidental collisions with racking. While worst-case scenarios involving a rack collapse are rare, impact damage weakens the racking structure, compromising its load carrying capacity and potentially putting both property and life at risk, says Dematic. 

The Colby Protect-a-Rack is designed to be fitted to just about every competing brand of drive-in or selective pallet racking.  

The system is certified and patented and reportedly outperforms traditional steel and plastic rack protection systems. It does this through ensuring that impact forces are transferred into the rack at its strongest point i.e. the brace nodes. 

The Colby Protect-a-rack is made of heavy duty steel that ensures long life and heavy duty protection. Its versatile design is said to fit almost any type of racking, and installation is reportedly simple and quick.

The system’s streamlined design maximises clear bay entry, and its tapered surfaces deflect impacts and simplify bay entries, says Dematic.