Precision rotating unions

ROTATING unions are used in many manufacturing processes to cool, heat or transfer fluid power.

DEUBLIN rotating unions vary for each application, depending on design, bearing type, construction and material required. But all DEUBLIN seals have a surface finish of four RMS and are micro-lapped to an optical flatness of better than two light bands or 0.000023” for dependable, leak-proof operation. Seals are then enclosed in housings that are machined on CNC turning machines to provide essential part-to-part precision.

DEUBLIN Rotating Unions feature ”balanced mechanical seals”. With this technology the thrust load or seal face contact pressure is kept to a minimum regardless of media pressure. This reduces wear, resulting in longer seal life. The spring-loaded seal is keyed so that it cannot rotate or creep, which can cause premature failure in secondary seals resulting in a leaking union.

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