Precise clamping force for workshop machining

Kurt has introduced the D688 vise model designed with high precision roller bearings and alloy steel screw mechanism for even distribution of clamping force.

The D688, which replaces the D675 model, offers a number of upgraded features including more clamping force and larger part holding capacity.

It also features an 8.8 inch jaw opening, repeatability to within 0.001 inch and can produce up to 7,968 lbs. clamping force with just 80 ft. lbs. input torque.

With the same footprint (the distance of keyway to stationary jaw) as the D675, the two vises can be aligned on a vise table without problems. This reportedly allows machinists to phase in the new vise technology without making their existing vises obsolete, the company says

The D688 vise has been designed for all types of machining operations including precision boring, tapping, drilling and finishing with high accuracy on most part configurations.