Power quantity monitor

POWER Quality Solutions has released the PQube power quality and power quantity monitor from Power Standards Laboratory, USA.

The PQube measures voltage disturbances and steady state trend values storing data on a standard SD card.

It has been designed to be built into equipment, switchboards etc to provide a quick and low cost source of data to assist in resolving equipment malfunctions and operating parameters in any application where continuity of power supply is important.

Using the optional Ethernet module, the monitor can email disturbance event notifications including attachments of time stamped RMS and waveform event pictures and Excel compatible files.

Additional features include a sampling rate of 256 samples per cycle and Excel compatible files.

The PQube is modular and mounts on a standard DIN rail and can take operating power from 24V AC, 24V DC and 48V DC as standard. Using the optional Power Supply module 100-240V 50/60Hz can be used.

Voltage monitoring input connections can be 1-ph, 3-ph delta, 3-ph star/Y and split-phase with nominal input voltages between 100V and 600V DC/50/60/400 Hz and disturbances recorded include sags/dips, interruptions, frequency variations and impulses to 1 microsecond.

One digital and two ±60V analogue inputs and one relay contact output are provided as standard.

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