Portable multi-process welder

LINCOLN Electric has added the Power Wave S350 to its Power Wave line of power sources.

This portable, multi-process machine is specifically designed for welding on a wide variety of materials and applications, especially where arc performance is critical.

This power source, paired with a Power Feed series wire feeder, is ideal for construction, aerospace, fabrication, automotive, production and training.

With Lincoln’s PowerConnect technology, users can connect automatically to input power ranging from 200 to 600 volts, 50 or 60Hz and single or three-phase with no manual reconnect.

The Power Wave S350 features the Tribid Power Module for welding performance and efficiency, and power factor for reduced utility costs over traditional welding equipment.

The machine’s fast iARC digital controls are more than 90 times faster than the previous Power Wave controls, providing for exceptional arc stability regardless of weld process.

An Ethernet connection is standard, allowing fabricators to upgrade any of the 65 embedded software welding waveform modes at PowerWaveSoftware.com.

The Power Wave S350 includes Production Monitoring 2 software for tracking equipment usage, storing weld data and configuring limits to assist in welding efficiency analysis.

The Power Wave S350 is IP23 rated, indicating it has been tested and approved for use in harsh environments. The unit offers a portable alternative that is easy to transport for offsite welding applications.

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