Industrial grade and portable inflatable blast shelter

Power plants and other turbine-based industries undertake regular and necessary maintenance and service of their turbines continuously. In order to do this, they must shut down their entire system to disassemble, clean, test and reassemble the turbines. 

The cleaning stage requires high powered blasting apparatus. This requires a fully encapsulated space to contain and filter the blast material and debris and attenuate the noise in order to comply with occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements. 

Traditional scaffolding which is then wrapped with an encapsulating cover is expensive in both time and labour, requiring up to three days to just set up.  OH&S certifications are then required for work at heights before work could commence. These delays are very costly in lost production and output.  This also delays the maintenance and servicing schedule.

The Giant Inflatables Industrial design and engineering team set about creating an industrial grade, inflatable blasting shelter that is portable, and easy to set up and pack down. In addition, the inflatable workshop contains all the necessary blasting protection shields and noise attenuating skins and does not need any height certifications in order to comply with OH&S.

This blasting shelter can be quickly deflated and packed up onto a pallet and very easily and quickly transported, stored and then redeployed efficiently and easily for use when needed.

To solve the problem of dust and pollutants arising from blasting, the inflatable shelter is a fully sealed, encapsulating, environment that contains an air filtration system to ensure that the blast material and dust are captured in a reusable dust bag for recycling.

With strict operational health and safety requirements on industrial plants, Giant Inflatables Industrial’s shelter offers a huge advantage over traditional methods.