Pneumatic cutting press

IDM Instruments® has designed and manufactured a pneumatically operated cutting press, suitable for various industries that require precise, accurate and repeatable test samples to be cut out.

The IDM Cutting Press Pneumatic is used to prepare samples of various sized test pieces applicable with paper, cartonboard, polyurethane, plastics, foil, textiles, rubber and many other materials. It is used together with Tool Steel and Ruler Cutting Dies that can be interchanged with ease, allowing a large range of dies to be used with the Cutting Press.

Cutting Dies can be fixed onto the moving top plate or can sit directly on the test piece. It features a 60mm opening, as well as open designed side and back construction.

The Cutting Press can be manufactured to 2.5 Tonne or 3 Tonne capacities, or IDM can specially design and manufacture a Cutting Press to suit specific requirements.

IDM Instruments, 03 9708 6885, www.idminstruments.com.au.

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