Plasma bevel head is fully programmable

PROFILE Cutting Systems has developed a new plasma bevel head to cut plate material; it is fully programmable to cut parts that have both beveled and straights cuts.

The single plasma torch movement is provided by sercos drive amplifiers and servo motors for all axis, tilt, rotation and vertical height. The system uses arc voltage height control to provide the most accurate bevel tolerance.

The PCS plasma bevel head has been developed for bevel cutting of plate material, ready for welding, when cut with high density precision plasma high quality cutting is achieved.

Beveling while profiling is a more efficient use of the profile cutting machine it saves double handling of material and parts.

The fully integrated programming processes eliminates the need for the machine operator to consider changes in feedrate, kerf, torch height, gas flows and as a result bevel cutting has become a simple everyday job.

The drive system is fully integrated with a Burny 10 LCD Plus CNC controller providing accurate fast motion control for tilt and rotation axis.

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