PIES Australia now the agents for PROflex Timing Belts

PIES Australia is now the exclusive Australasian agent for the PROflex premium quality range of timing belts.

PROflex belts are available in the following range: PROflex Classic, PROflex HTD and PROflex Poly-V. All PROflex belts are made from high quality neoprene rubber that ensures an excellent adhesion between the neoprene and both the tensile member and the nylon tooth facing.

The Nylon tooth facing is an essential precondition for smooth operation and a long service life. This is ensured by the application of a particularly abrasion-resistant nylon fabric with low friction coefficients on the belts teeth.

The tensile member for synchronous belt drives call for a high degree of length stability and tensile strength. These requirements are optimally met by low-elongation tensile members of fiberglass cord helically wound over the entire belt width.

Any longitudinal off-track running will be largely prevented by the use of tensile cords twined in reversed pairs (S/Z).

The PROflex Classic and PROflex HTD range of timing belts are available in open length up to 100mtr long. The open length range of timing belts are constructed of Polyurethane with steel tensile members.