Intelligent ethernet extenders by Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact TC extenders don’t just extend simple point-to-point ethernet paths via plug-and-play. All extender paths and devices can be easily monitored remotely using a single managed device via IP. In the case of unexpected events such as a weakening of the path, this information is available via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap and can be issued as a warning to one or more freely selectable network devices.

In addition, the managed ethernet extenders feature integrated, replaceable surge protection. The intelligent Plugtrab PT-IQ technology doesn’t just provide appropriate protection. It can also call up the status of the surge protection remotely at any time and, in emergencies, can also transit this status as an SNMP warning. This means that the devices independently provide information on which surge protection should be replaced soon or where immediate replacement is required.

Using automatic topology and data rate detection, extender applications can be easily expanded into line and ring topologies during operation, easily and without configuration, and without impact through the addition of up to 50 extenders. The use of special cables is not required here. Any existing two-wire cables can be used for ethernet networking. This enables transmission ranges beyond the corresponding standard and up to as much as 20km per extender segment.