Perfect symmetry in compact mechanical linear guides

Ready to attach direct to geared motor, the compact AK series of mechanical linear guides is reportedly a high-quality, reliable and easy-to-install solution.

According to TEA Transmissions, the double drive head offers perfect guide symmetry and securing points on four sides for the reduction gear.

The company says that a patented locking and tensioning system makes it possible to adjust and maintain the belt, working on two sides of the carriage and leaving the support surface free.

The AK series are available in three versions: AK208R; AK208R and AKR20.

The AK208R, which has hardened, chrome plated and not lubricated track is reportedly ideal for dirt filled environments where lubrication may contaminate the product, such as paper or fabric.

The AK208R stainless steel is suited to the food industry or corrosive environments, where water, marine, steam, acids are present.

The AKR20 features ball bearings guides for even greater rigidity and a very narrow carriage plate.

AK series is available in up to 6 meter length and radial loads to 2000N (200kg).

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