Pedestrian barriers that meet all site needs

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has installed its pedestrian barriers at Olympic Park Railway Station at the Sydney suburb of Homebush.

Project managers for the installation were Leichardt based Ultra Building Works. Installed at the top of an access stairwell on the main railway platform, these barriers perform a vital access control function to prevent after hour access as well as being used for regulating human traffic flow during peak periods.

ATDC’s barriers are tailor made for such locations having been occupational health and safety tested for safe operation. This helps in locations where there are high volumes of pedestrian foot traffic. The barriers can also be fitted with keyless locking for quick egress where required in cases of emergency.

Other special features of these pedestrian barriers include the option, where specified, for preventing persons from climbing over the barriers by introducing a double diamond mesh infill that prevents a person gaining a foothold on the gate to attempt to climb the barrier. It is also difficult for people to put their hands through the barrier making it a good safety and protective device to protect employees from reaching dangerous machinery. These safety features have made ATDC’s pedestrian barriers the gates of choice for numerous high-profile government projects and public infrastructure projects across Australia.

One such high-profile project was at Sydney’s Barrangaroo Ferry Terminal. The safety barriers were installed at a height of 2400mm. The maximum height available is 2520mm and other height options are available on request. Each of the safety barrier spans at Barrangaroo measured about 8500mm wide, although the maximum available width is unlimited.

The barriers are trackless, fully mobile and portable. They are also useful in securing temporary tenancies, pop-up stores, warehouse loading areas, work-safe areas, construction sites, access control for public utilities and government facilities, crowd control for public venues and many more applications.