O2D500 – Object Recognition Sensor


Would you like to check several different objects for their correct position and object properties with just one vision sensor? Whether it is a contour detection or a BLOB analysis, the O2D500 Vision Sensor from ifm can solve a variety of error-proofing and inspection applications throughout the manufacturing process in just one device.

The new O2D Vision Sensor is ten times faster with a four times higher resolution and lots of illumination features, making complex applications remarkably easy to solve.

Using 2D inspections of surfaces and contours, this vision sensor is able to detect missing retaining clips, threads that have not been milled properly, too much adhesive or incorrectly shaped components.

A huge upgrade of the O2D500 is the integration of the complex image processing algorithms into the award-winning software environment, the “ifm Vision Assistant”.

Application wizards guide users through the parameterisation process and make it easy for vision system beginners as well as experts, who want to solve simple applications really fast.

This is how ifm combines the power of vision systems with the simplicity of a sensor.

Company: ifm efector
Phone: 1300 365 088

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