Nissan forklifts reach new heights

The increasing demand for high performing narrow aisle reach trucks has led to Nissan developing its first pantograph style reach truck.  Following a highly successful launch in the USA, the new SRX Platinum Series is now available in Australia.

The SRX Platinum Series is offered in three capacities ranging from 1,360kg – 2,000kg. It was developed from intensive operator input to ensure its acceptance into the highly competitive reach truck market in the USA. This input has resulted in outstanding operator safety and comfort features.

Entry and exit is simplified due to a low step height. The side stance design provides comfortable forward or reverse driving and includes a gently sloped floorboard, which sits atop four vibration isolators, offering a relaxed driving position throughout a standing shift. Combined with its cushioned floor mat, the SRX Platinum Series provides a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

A dual spring suspension system in the caster design adds to the smoothness and offers a more stable operation over uneven or rough driving surfaces.

Operator comfort is further enhanced with thick padding located beneath the operator’s arm, a height adjustable cushioned backrest and knee pad. A rear overhead guard post and high operator backrest on the SRX Series provide added protection for the operator, which is especially important when working in tight areas around racking.

Nissan’s intuitive, multi-function handle is ergonomically designed to reduce operator effort, resulting in precise control. Operational commands including drive, lift and lower, horn, reach, and sideshift (or other auxiliary function) can be performed by this single handle.

The dash includes an LED display to communicate truck status and warnings to the operator including: travel speed, battery capacity, hour meter, parking brake warning and steering wheel position.

The SRX Platinum Series’ standard safety features include a mast lock (automatically locking mast lift and tilt) when the operator presence pedal is released, lift control (restricting lift speed at faster travel speeds), reduced travel speed at high lift heights, and ramp hold (automatic parking brake) ideal for trucks using push-back racks.

The overhead guard’s design incorporates wide slots for maximum upward visibility during high reach operations allowing for easier load handling and increased operator efficiency.

Historically the weak point of a pantograph reach truck has been the pantograph mechanism.  Nissan have ensured this won’t be the case with the SRX. The very rugged single and double reach mechanisms incorporate dual reach cylinders, providing strength and durability to increase component life while handling heavy loads.

The retract function is hydraulically cushioned for smooth operation, with programmable speed for customised performance.

The advanced AC control system on Nissan’s SRX Platinum Series ensures that travel and hydraulic motors are running at peak efficiency. Four-mode regenerative braking transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy flowing back to the battery enabling longer operation.

The auto-power off system shuts off truck power after 15 minutes of non-operation.
A programmable Battery Discharge Indicator offers a means to better match actual battery usage patterns for a typical discharge rate, in order to help produce reliable battery life.

As a further safeguard, all AC motors and controllers on the SRX have thermal protection as standard. In the event that overheating occurs, a warning will alert the operator, immediately followed by a reduction in the truck’s performance level.

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