New ultra-tight thief hatch reducing storage tank emissions

Emerson Automation Solutions has introduced a new spring-loaded thief hatch for use on low-pressure storage tanks in oil and gas and other industries.

Storage tanks can emit vapors to the environment, which has resulted in tighter regulations and the need for improved emissions control from storage tank devices.

To address this challenge, thethe Enardo ES-665 has been engineered with increased sealing forces, as well as with a tight and consistent fit of the sealing surfaces.

The resulting emissions performance of the Enardo ES-665 thief hatch is an industry-leading 0.10 SCFH (standard cubic feet/hour) at 90 per cent of set-point.

Along with Emerson’s other tight-sealing storage tank solutions, it also helps conserve tank contents as well as pressure and vacuum relief to accommodate tank pressure changes that occur under normal conditions.

In addition to its ultra-tight emissions performance, the ES-665 includes:

  • An available centre assembly for improved performance of previously installed models
  • Multiple relief settings and material options for application flexibility
  • A latching and lockable lid for added security and safety

Results are based on testing at ambient conditions in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) 2000 and competitive published data.