New pure lead batteries for OCME Auriga LGVs

ITALIAN company OCME S.r.l. have announced the release of a new technology thin plate pure lead battery for their range of Auriga Laser Guided Vehicles.

The new battery has a charging profile which allows for a rapid recharge of less than 3 hours at 60% DOD (with an approved charger), and has the ability to charge the battery as often as required without damaging the battery. The state-of-the-art battery provides superior performance compared to conventional lead acid batteries (gel or flooded).

The key benefits are:-

• Maintenance free — no topping up required

• ‘Green’ – reduced carbon footprint due to very low charge factor

• Short recharge time — less than 3 hours at 60% DOD with an approved charger

• Suitable for multi-shift operations and optimises machine availability

• Reduced electricity costs for recharging due to low charge factor

• Excellent life cycle (Up to 1,200 cycles at 60% DOD)

• Increased shelf life (up to 2 years at 20°C)

• Highly recyclable

The OCME Auriga is a system to transport goods without the need of an operator. It follows a path verifying (up to 8 times per second) its position. The use of laser technology eliminates the need to add embedded rails or to modify the site and can be easily moved to cater for future site expansion.

Advantages & features of the OCME Auriga LGV include:

• High speed movement up to 1500mm/sec

• Position and movement accuracy of + 5mm

• Maximum load of 6 tonne dependant on model

• Lift height of 6 meters

• Up to 3 pallet width capability with patented auto tyne adjustment feature

• Ability to run on uneven floors

• No physical modification to site required

• Simple and fast installation and easily customised for future expansion or changes

With over 80 successful packaging installations in Oceania, OCME are major suppliers of packaging equipment to many industry leading food and beverage processors.

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