New hot fill concepts

WITH its Innofill DFV-VF/NH, KHS has developed a filling system for plastic bottles, which is able to handle both pressurised filling and pressureless cold or hot filling.

The filling system can also fill carbonated soft drinks or non-carbonated drinks with a variety of sensitivity levels.

Pneumatic cylinders switch the filling valves of the Innofill DRV-VF/NH to the filling system desired at the push of a button.

Two cylinders are used exclusively to switch operating modes, and are controlled together using one pilot valve each. Another pneumatic cylinder controlled in the same way triggers the beverage circulation in idle phases in hot filling.

This type of control saves up to 297 solenoids in one filler equipped with 100 filling stations. That means a clear reduction of complexity, with potential savings on service and repair.

If hot filling is desired, the first step is to bring the Innofill DRV-VF/NH up to temperature using hot water. The heated product then circulates until its temperature upon return to the ring bowl equals the desired filling temperature.

The plastic bottle is pressed against the filling valve by spring force. Guided by a swirler, the product flows into the bottle walls without pressure. The system fills bottles according to the principle of the volumetric, electromagnetic induction flowmetering filling method.

After the fast filling phase, there is a slow fill into the narrower bottle neck to avoid bubbles and foam. When the specified filling volume has been reached, the filling valve closes.

The filling system also provides a filling output of up to 60,000 plastic bottles/hr. Bottle volumes can vary between 0.1 and 0.3 liters. However, upon request this machine can also handle the filling of special sizes up to a 5-litre package.

If hot filling is selected, the filling system is brought to temperature using hot water and subsequent product circulation. The filling of product is carried out in two phases.

Here, too, bottles are filled according to the principle of the volumetric, electromagnetic induction flowmetering filling method.

The fast fill phase in the generally cylindrical part of the bottle is started after the plastic bottle has been positioned under the filling valve and is followed by the low-foam, slow filling phase in the narrow bottle neck. A gas lock integrated at the product outlet ensures no-drip filling.

To be able to handle containers with different mouth types, there is the option of automatically switching the bottle pick-up of the Innofill NV-H between two mouth diameters.

The CIP caps are also inserted under the filling valves at the push of a button.

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