New Equostat 3 hardness tester

Russell Fraser Sales has released  Proceq’s new Equostat 3 Micro-Hardness Tester, made in Switzerland.

The Equostat 3 is the latest offering from the Proceq family best-known for Equotip 3 and Equotip Piccolo/Bambino.

The Equostat 3 is designed for inspecting surface layers on scratch-sensitive or polished materials or parts as thin as 130μm.

The Equostat 3 displays the signal curve as well as operating instructions in real time. The operating instructions offer guidance as to when the test loads should be applied and released. This enables users to achieve the most repeatable measurements of any commercially available hardness tester.

The Equostat 3 probe integrates with the Equotip 3 indicating device to combine in one instrument the Leeb rebound principle with the Rockwell principle. Equostat 3 can also be connected directly to a PC.

A measuring clamp, magnetic feet and special feet are also available to adapt to most sample shapes.