New cooling system boosts productivity in plastic PO pipe extrusion

Krauss Maffei Extrusion has released a new system for internal pipe cooling (IPC), which significantly reduces the initial cost and the space requirements for new Polyolefin pipe extrusion lines.

The company says the system also increases productivity by up to 60 per cent if the existing line length is maintained.

The IPC system uses ambient air which is sucked through the centre of the pipe at high speed against the haul-off direction by means of a side channel compressor.

Used in addition to conventional external water cooling in vacuum tanks and cooling baths, the system reportedly cools the pipe gently from the inside.

The company says the IPC can reduce the length of the cooling zone by as much as 40 per cent resulting in increased floor space without compromising production speed should factory space be a limitation.

The IPC system can be used on all PO pipe extrusion lines from 110mm to 2,500mm diameter.