Moisture meter

THE DM4A electronic moisture meter from IDM Instruments is used to determine the moisture in various materials, including paper, cardboard, wood and building materials. With various measuring ranges dependant on the material to be tested, the DM4A measures materials down to a depth of approx 3cm.

It operates using measuring electrodes, which are pushed down onto the surface to be tested, to provide a reading of the moisture content within that material. Readings are obtained via a large easy-to-read digital display on the handheld unit.

Optional PC-driven software can be used with the meter for further data analysis. Up to 100 values/readings can be stored on the unit, when set to storage mode. When set to single mode, only one reading will be stored.

The Moisture Meter can be easily tested and calibrated in-house, using the optional test modules. A simple step-by-step instruction will then guide through the calibration mode of the unit.

IDM Instruments 03 9708 6885, www.idminstruments.com.au

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