Mitsubishi Grendia forklift

MLA Holdings has introduced the Mitsubishi Grendia for greater benefits to the planet, and the operator and the employer.

Grendia offers forklift users a choice of diesel/dual fuel engines and electronically controlled gasoline engine that complies with all 2007 emission standards.

The forklift is equipped with features like Integrated Presence System (IPS), neutral safety, high-mounted rear combi lamp and clear all-round visibility, all of which are within the basic price of the truck.

For driver comfort, there is a floating power train with Mitsubishi Powershift transmission, which delivers power and gradeability with minimum noise and vibration.

Other features include a suspension seat with a hip support mechanism, acrylic roof for comfortable operation in outdoor conditions, and a fully hydraulic power steering fitted with steering synchroniser. This automatically matches the rear wheel angle to the steering wheel.

It is an economic forklift with low overall running cost. They are built to last, with the frame, body, mast and even the smallest bearing designed to resist damage. It uses maintenance-free gears instead of belts.

The Grendia comes in a range of 1.0-3.5 ton machines.

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