Minimal work hardening for HRSA machining

DORMER has launched the Elect S drill range which has been developed for the machining of Heat Resistant Super Alloys (HRSA).

According to the company, Elect S drills can lower the occurrence of work hardening.  The drill range features internal coolant holes, a body back taper that promotes a free, continuous cutting action as well as high quality, accurate holes and a self centring 140 degree point angle.

It also has a cylindrical margin and positive cutting edge geometry which work to minimise frictional cutting forces and can lead to consistent tool performance and minimal work hardening.

The drills have a smooth-flow coating that reportedly acts as a thermal barrier, protecting the substrate from the extreme heat generated at the cutting edge. This also has a low coefficient of friction, which results in smooth and efficient chip evacuation, extending tool life.

Available in two lengths to support drilling to 3 x diameter (R507) and 5 x diameter (R503), the drills are suited to industries requiring production of high value components or a high degree of precision, including the oil & gas and nuclear industries.

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