Metal face sensors for metalworking applications

GLOBAL manufacturer of sensors and controls, ifm efector, has introduced a new line of sensors and connectors designed for metalforming applications.

The new Metal Face sensor product line is designed and tested to provide reliable position indication in the toughest welding and stamping applications.

Said to improve life-in-applications in welding and stamping processes, the sensor’s stainless steel construction withstands damage from physical impact caused by part-loading in manufacturing cells.

The sensor is further protected with a high temperature weld-slag resistant coating that prevents weld-slag from adhering.

In a welding fixture, weld slag typically adheres to a sensing face. To remove the slag, abrasive cleaning techniques are used such as wire brushes and tools which can damage the sensor.

According to the company, the Metal Face sensors can withstand more than 1 million wire-brush passes and still provide 100% of their sensing range.

Additional features include: 360° ring LED design for status indication and laser-etched part numbers and weld field immune electronics.

Sensors are available in standard housing styles that include M12, M18, and M30 tubular housings.

For more information contact:

ifm efector

P – 1300 365 088

W – www.ifm.com/au

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