Master Lock Safety Padlocks from Mayo Hardware

Ensure workers safety with the Master Lock Safety Series Padlocks designed for those working in harsh environments.

Mayo Hardware is a leading distributor of Master Lock Safety products in Australia.The Safety Padlock is no ordinary padlock, with specific design features that function to protect workers from being killed or seriously injured in the workplace while undertaking repairs or maintenance on plant and machinery.

All Master Lock Safety Padlocks are key retaining to ensure they cannot accidentally be left unlocked, and custom key systems are available to ensure that one employee’s key cannot open another employee’s safety padlock on your site.

Master Lock Safety padlocks can be laser engraved on multiple sides for quick identification.

  • 410 Zenex™Safety Padlocks – These have a 6mm plated metal shackle and are available in 8 different colours
  • 406 Zenex™Dielectric Safety Padlocks – All components are non-magnetic, plastic copper and brass. The 6mm nylon shackle withstands over 136kg of pull. Ideal for electrical lockouts and confined spaces.
  • S31 Zenex™ Compact Safety Padlocks- The latest edition to the Master Lock range has a grade 316, 4.76mm diameter stainless steel shackle, making this safety padlock ideal for a corrosive environment. The safety padlock also comes with a weather tough cover that seals at the shackle and keyway, keeping out dust, dirt and grime.

Master Lock safety padlocks are available in a range of bright colors for quick and easy identification and constructed from durable Zenex™ material to ensure they withstand the harsh environments that can be many mines, power generation, oil & gas, manufacturing, transport and utility sites.

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