Machine vision software

SAPERA Essential is described as a new cost-effective software imaging toolkit that bundles board-level acquisition and control with image processing tools to design high-performance machine vision applications.

The toolkit, from Dalsa, offers users a single API and a comprehensive feature set, including program portability, versatile camera controls, flexible display functionality and management, with easy-to-use application development wizards.

Sapera Essential offers quick and easy access to software functions to control image acquisition, manage image memory and facilitate image processing and analysis tasks.

It includes powerful board configuration and camera set-up utilities plus a suite of image processing tools including a new pattern finding package employing correlation and geometric pattern finding algorithms, along with versatile barcode and blob analysis functions.

The toolkit comes bundled with Dalsa’s advanced CamExpert, a proprietary camera configuration utility specifically designed to leverage the power of Dalsa’s image acquisition boards.

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