Low level access platform from DeltaDeck

For those maintenance tasks and finishing trades, BetaGuard has come up with DeltaDeck 250, a low level access work platform.

BetaGuard specialises in providing collective protection for safe working at low level heights limiting the risk of fall while working a at a maximum working reach of three metres.

The DeltaDeck 250 low level access work platform is one complete unit that can be assembles and dismantled in less than one minute by one person, allowing easy transportation and storage. It fits into a car boot.

It is ideal for those wanting flexibility when working at lower heights.

With multiple working heights (with a maximum of 870mm) to choose from, it is suitable for many finishing trades and maintenance tasks as it offers a fully integrated guard rail system.

It is light weight and is a mobile piece of equipment, and offers a safer alternative to ladders. Weighing 25 kilograms, it stretches to a height of 310mm, width of 730mm and length of 1,120mm. It has a safe working load of 200 kilograms and stretches to variable platform heights including 450mm, 530mm, 600mm, 730mm and a maximum of 870mm.

The DeltaDeck250 is manufactured under a BS ISO 9001 approved Quality System and complies with the stringent load safety factor requirements of BS EN 1004.

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