Linear motion control

ENERPAC’S Uni-Lift mechanical actuators have been designed for linear motion control in precision positioning and control in a mechanical package.

With strokes up to 6096mm, the B and M series Uni-Lifts which utilises ball screw and machine screw mechanisms, respectively.

According to the company, ball screw jacks with load capacities up to 100 tonnes, are well suited for high-cycle, high-speed applications, while machine screw jacks with load capacities up to 250 tons, are ideal for low-cycle, high-load applications needing a self-locking load screw.

The Uni-lifts complement Enerpac’s range of high pressure (700 bar) compact and powerful hydraulic lifting and manoeuvring technologies.

Enerpac says its line of Uni-Lift accessories allows for easy connection and precise synchronised control of multiple actuator systems. Tight tolerance thread forms, heat-treated gear sets, and pre-loaded bearings ensure repeatability and durability of these linear actuators.