LINAK launches groundbreaking linear actuator pushing endurance to new limits

“When we look at current market needs, particularly in autonomous agriculture and industrial automation, we see a very clear need for an increase in the life expectancy of electric linear movements of up to 80,000-100,000 cycles,” says Soren Buck, business development manager at LINAK. “We’re also aware that there’s a growing demand for data for planning maintenance, diagnostics and status of the actuator,” he adds.

Designed by LINAK with these trends in mind, the new linear actuator LA36 Long Life delivers on both counts and more.

Setting higher standards: 20x longer lifetime for less outlay
Previously, when choosing an electric actuator for certain applications, it has been difficult to find a solution that both met full lifetime requirements while remaining affordable: There was a choice of specifying other more expensive technology, such as servo drives, or using an electric actuator that could not meet lifetime requirements – adding the cost of service and downtime to an application. Now, with the LA36 Long Life it is possible to achieve long-life confidence with less service and downtime.

“The new Long Life actuator has redefined the concept of longevity, having been tested to guarantee a minimum of 200,000 cycles at maximum load and maximum duty cycle. The worst thinkable conditions. This roughly extends its working life to around 20x that of conventional actuators on the market. The considerable increase is primarily due to the incorporation of a brushless motor which takes us to new heights in long-term reliability and performance,” says Buck.

A fresh approach to integration and installation
An integrated controller, and CANopen and J1939 interfaces ensure simple and quick integration. Furthermore, the new Long Life actuator comes with a choice of 24 V and 48 V motor options for a variety of demanding applications, including autonomous vehicles in material handling and agriculture. And for precision control, installing external sensors is a thing of the past. The LA36 Long Life provides full control without the need for additional components, including access to all the data required to make troubleshooting easy.

“Cutting down the costly time it takes our customers to integrate a solution has also played a part in the innovative design of our Long Life actuator. This plug-and-play solution with fewer components also means less costly service and downtime for application users. With our new Long Life actuator we make it possible to both drive down costs while adding to an application’s lifetime,” concludes Buck.

LINAK is a market leader in the production and application of electric linear actuators with some 40 years of experience and more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide.

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