Kraus & Naimer Koolkuna visible contact isolators

Kraus & Naimer

Since 1907 Kraus & Naimer has maintained high standards and quality products and has established itself as an innovator leader in the switchgear market. The company has focused on local markets and adapting to the needs of the customers has been at the forefront of each branch’s success. Maintaining the Kraus & Naimer standard of quality and customer service at the local level with local products has driven the international success of the brand. 

The Australian market has seen an increase in the desire for many end-users to have a clear view of the moving contact within the switch to give the user complete peace of mind of the status of the contact. Kraus & Naimer maintains that the switch and operator has been extensively tested to ensure it conforms to local and international standards as a switch-disconnector so that if it says OFF—you know it is OFF – however, we also listen to our customers and understand that sometimes they want to see it for themselves. 

Kraus & Naimer already had a range of switches with visible contacts and a long-standing history of dependability, so it was simply a matter of developing a more suitable way of mounting the switch so the contacts could be viewed clearly. The innovative addition of an extra door hinging from the side meant proven and certified interlocking mechanisms could be utilised without the need for over-engineered designs that are prone to failure. The combination of established mechanisms with visible contacts means the user can be 100 per cent assured in the knowledge that safety has been effectively achieved and that reliability is completely assured. After all — Koolkuna means “a place of safety”. 

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