Ircon announces enhancements for new Modline 7 infrared thermometers

World-leading provider of infrared (IR) noncontact temperature measurement solutions, Ircon has introduced the new 7V Series of infrared sensors to the Modline 7 thermometer range.

Designed for the semiconductor industry, the new models are one of eight in a series launched by Ircon earlier this year. The Modline 7 thermometers are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, metals processing, furnace refractory, primary and secondary glass, as well as plastics thermoforming.

Combined with Ircon ModView Pro software and an extended 5-year warranty, the Modline 7 infrared thermometers provide best-in-class solutions for demanding industrial environments. The new PROC-7 processor box allows full sensor operation through a push button panel and is part of a full line of accessories offered for the Modline 7 series thermometers.

Sensor setup and monitoring can be accomplished from the rear panel of the instrument or from the ModView Pro software, allowing for remote PC-based sensor configuration, temperature monitoring, trending and archiving via an intuitive graphical user interface.

Key features of Modline Active 7 Series infrared thermometers:

  • Rugged, IP65 (NEMA 4) sealed sensor system, flexible to meet nearly any continuous temperature monitoring and control requirement
  • Exceptional versatility with extended temperature ranges (-40°C to 3000°C), high-resolution optics and fast response times
  • Sensing head operates as a standalone sensor, providing simultaneous analogue and digital outputs of process temperatures
  • Motorised focus control, and through-the-lens and laser sighting standard on all units
  • Intuitive sensor design features integral water-cooling in a stainless steel enclosure
  • High-temperature water jacket with integrated air purge capability reduces installation and setup time
  • Optional air purge collar accessory enables the lens to be cooled and kept free of debris in hot dusty environments
  • Standardised installation accessories and common Windows ModView Pro software platform minimise multiple product configurations at user facility
  • Uses high-speed digital signal processors with RS-485 serial data communications networking capability that supports up to 32 sensors
  • ModView Pro software included at no additional cost

Modline Active 7 Series infrared thermometers are available from Active Instrument Services.