Introducing Lorch Cobot Welding

Cobot Welding

Cobot welding is growing at an exponential rate across Europe, and Lorch is now bringing Lorch Cobot Welding to Australia and New Zealand.

The Lorch Collaborative Robot has a simple to set up program, which is easy to use. The system is also relatively portable, very flexible and versatile – for example it can be cost effectively programmed for welding small production, 20 or 30 pieces for one day and something completely different the next. All with 100 per cent perfect welding performance every time from the power source’s standpoint. 

The Cobotronic software, comes with the Lorch Collaborative Robot package, and is the software platform that is part of Lorch’s IP which combines the cobot elements and the Lorch welding power source together to create a cutting-edge Industry 4.0-optimised welding solution that is simple to program, delivering excellent welding results which is perfect for small-to medium-sized enterprises. A shop floor operator or welder could program the system and use it effectively – and it’s fast to set up, so there is not much training needed. 

Cobot welding is also not a replacement for industrial robotic welding but instead, something new in welding automation. Lorch Cobot welding technology is different from industrial robots in many areas: 

  • Size, weight & portability: Cobots are small, light and relatively portable. They are designed to be used in the general work environment, in close proximity with people.  
  • Safety: Cobots operate at human speed, have unique integrated safety features enabling close interaction with people with minimal or in some cases no dedicated safety guards or external protection. 
  • Intelligent Lorch Cobotronic software creates a simple to operate welding system that is typically programmed by the welder or shop floor operator. 
  • Lorch advanced Speed Processes deliver perfect welding in all positions removing the need for complex and expensive jigs and fixtures. 
  • Fast setup and simple programming enable much smaller production quantities to be cost effectively welded.
  • Capital investment: Cobot systems are typically more cost effective with a quick return of investment.            

Sales demonstration/application and training centres have been setup across the region with accredited Lorch Cobot Partners. To find a partner near you, go to Additionally, there are well-trained Lorch certified service infrastructure already established across the region for backup and support. Typically, when a customer purchases a Lorch Cobot System, it comes with installation and a two-day training program from the Lorch Cobot Partner. 

Company: Lorch South Pacific
Phone: +1 314 609 6203

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