Increased weld toughness for automated applications

Lincoln Electric has introduced Pipeliner 81M, a gas-shielded, flux-cored (FCAW-G) wire designed for hot, fill and cap pass welding on up to X70 grade pipe.

According to the company, the Pipeliner 81M provides optimal performance during automated pipe welding applications where consistent arc length is critical, while fast-freezing slag provides a flat bead shape with consistent puddle support all the way around the pipe.

Additionally, the new wire provides robust impact toughness and is capable of producing weld deposits with Charpy V-Notch impact toughness exceeding 27J (20 ft lbf) at – 40ºC.

The Pipeliner wire is available in 0.045 inches (1.2mm) wire diameter on 10lb and 25lb plastic spools packaged in vacuum sealed foil bags.

The wire meets requirements for NACE applications, as well as AWS A5.29/A5.29M: 2010 E81T1-GM, ASME SFA-5.29 E81T1-GM and ISO 17632: 2006 ISO 17632-B-T554T1-1MA-N1-UH5 conformances.