Increased data centre rack efficiency

The new Mixed Media Platform from TE Enterprise Networks is the company’s latest addition to its range of leading data centre infrastructure solutions. It is a total package designed to support a mixed copper and fibre infrastructure in data centers.

The new system makes the most out of a 19-inch rack space. Users save space and money by mixing copper and fibre within a single panel and take advantage of free space alongside, above and below the 19-inch envelope.

At the heart of the Mixed Media Platform are two innovative product concepts: the UCP (Universal Connectivity Platform) and the NETpodium rack system.

The UCP is designed to deliver maximum rack efficiency and multiple media deployment. It includes a versatile range of components that include patch panels, sub-floor panel and overhead panel mounts, pre-terminated links and adaptor modules.

The UCP accepts pre-terminated copper looms, fibre cassettes and MRJ21 high density copper connectivity cassettes, for faster deployment and high reliability. It is also fully compatible with TE Connectivity’s AMPTRAC intelligent information managed connectivity solution.

The NETpodium rack system complements the UCP both inside and outside of the 19-inch envelope while maintaining the electrical and mechanical integrity of the channel. It is based on a light aluminum, open-frame concept which can be transformed into a closed cabinet if required. Its high-density cable managers incorporate corner brackets and fingers in a single unit. These provide bend radius control for both copper and fibre and excellent patch cable support in high-density environments. They also ensure cable containment and prevent the accidental disturbance or removal of patch cords.

A tool-less fastener enables rapid installation, allowing all accessories to be fixed in just three steps: insert/position/lock. Thanks to the innovative design of the NETpodium rack system’s aluminum profile, the installer has the freedom to mount accessories wherever they are required, simply by adjusting the positioning of the fastener along the T-channel.

Key benefits include a common “look and feel” for data centre patching frames, support for standards-compliant installation inside and outside the 19-inch envelope, and additional patching space on the frame when high port density switches are deployed. It also acts as a building block that the infrastructure manager can deploy today and still be sure that it is flexible enough to support most network topologies planned for the future.

For the installer, it is lightweight, versatile and easy to construct, offers tool-less assembly of accessories, and when deployed with UCP it can remove patching headaches.

TE Connectivity Solutions are designed and tested to guarantee full interoperability with major technology leaders. TE is member of the technology developer programs of Cisco, Brocade, Extreme and others. TE has been granted “Endorser” status under the European Code of Conduct for Data Centers.

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