IIoT platform moneo: Digitalisation made easy

IIoT platform moneo: Digitalisation made easy

Continuous evaluation of process data is the best basis for sustainably successful business decisions. In order to obtain the important information from the shop floor, reliable connection of the sensors to the IT infrastructure is essential.

Moneo, the powerful IIoT platform, effectively bridges the gap between the two worlds, thus enabling an easy entry into digital evolution.

Moneo’s modular concept provides a selection of different, easy-to-handle applications that can be linked together. From sensor parameter setting to condition monitoring, moneo thus offers all the features of a future-proof IIoT software.

For over 50 years, ifm have been supporting our customers as a leading supplier of automation solutions. We have now combined our experience in sensor technology with the expert knowledge of our software subsidiaries – this is moneo, “simply made for you.”

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