ifm IO Control – Rugged Smart IO Module with Integrated Controller

Smart IO Module is a decentralised I/O module connected to the controller via CAN bus. It is installed away from the controller on remote machine parts right where the signals are generated. The high protection rating makes it suitable for outdoor installation in wet and dirty areas.

DEUTSCH connectors, which are widely used in mobile automation, ensure an easy and safe connection of sensors and actuators. Networking of the CAN bus is effected via prewired drop cables.

Smart IO Module can either be used as a configurable I/O module or as a mini controller in the field. CODESYS is used as a programming system.

ROBUST HOUSING: The glass-fibre reinforced housing makes the module impact resistant to handle the harsh conditions on the mobile vehicle. This housing also reduces the weight of the module in half compared to some metal IO Modules as this can be quiet critical in some applications if mounted on the boom.

I/O FLEXIBILTY: A high degree of flexibility is provided by the configurable inputs and outputs. There is a choice of analogue and digital inputs. The analogue inputs can be set as current inputs (0…20 mA) or voltage inputs (0…10 V / 0…32 V). Some inputs can also be configured as either resistance/digital or frequency/digital.

LED DISPLAY: An integrated two-colour LED display with keyboard serves to indicate the most important system messages, the baud rate and the node number as well as for device configuration.

DIAGNOSTICS: The smart IO Modules provide current feedback on most of the outputs which make it possible to detect wire break or short circuit on specific ports.

PROGRAMMABLE MINI CONTROLLER: Apart from their application as I/O modules, all units can also be used as freely programmable mini controllers with CANopen and J1939 among others. Programming is done via CODESYS by means of the standardised IEC 61131-3 languages, allowing the user to build the application software with ease. In addition, libraries are available for special functions of the controller.

COMMUNICATION INTERFACES: IO Module is equipped with two CAN interfaces to ISO 11898 for programming and data exchange with connected modules, controllers, displays or an engine controller.


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