ICP Electronics Australia MDCL-705i Modbus Data Concentrator with Ethernet, RS-485 Serial Ports and Dataa Logger


ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s MDCL-705i Modbus Data Concentrator with Ethernet, RS-485 Serial Ports, and Data Logger. 

The MDCL-705i is used to collect and store data from multiple Modbus slave devices over the serial communication interface and make the data available to the back-end management system via Ethernet communication. In this way, conventional devices can be attached to a modern control system and through the Modbus TCP protocol easily communicate with most SCADA/HMI systems and PLCs. Thus, the management system can poll the MDCL-705i for the data from several Modbus devices at once; making the process much more efficient.

The MDCL-705i can help you build a cost-effective data acquisition solution for reading real-time data from meters, sensors, and more. The ability to integrate with SCADA systems and other industrial devices and the reliable real-time data collection in combination with the data logger makes MDCL-705i one of the most cost-effective products of IIoT.

Key features: 

  • Support Modbus Master/Slave;
  • Supports up to eight Simultaneous Modbus TCP Connections;
  • Up to 250 Sets of Modbus RTU Commands and Built-in 9600 Modbus Data Registers;
  • Support CSV (Comma-Separated Values) File Configuration, easy to use and maintain;
  • Built-in MicroSD Memory Card for Storing Modbus Data Records;
  • Each Data can contain 120 Parameters;
  • The Data Record can support the Ratio Conversion Function, which converts the Original Modbus Data into actual Engineering Units; and
  • Isolated RS-485 with 2500 VDC Isolation Voltage Protection.  

Company: ICP Electronics Australia
Phone: (02) 9457 6011

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