ICP Electronics Australia introduces ICP DAS’ new HRT-370 upright HART signal filter for systems such as industrial control and SCADA

ICP Electronics Australia has introduced ICP DAS’ New Upright HART Signal Filter, the HRT-370.

The HRT-370 is a HART signal filtered which has been designed specifically by ICP DAS to solve the issue of analogue signals being interfered with when an additional HART signal is added to the communications process.

When the HRT-370 is connected to another HART instrument, it splits the input HART signal into two output channels. The first channel retains the original HART signal, and the second new channel filters the HART signal out in order to create an output of pure analogue signal. As a result, the new HRT-370 makes the collection and processing of both HART and analogue current data easier and more precise.

In addition, the HRT-370 allows for two HART masters and supports a range of functions and modes including HART burst mode, point-to-point HART mode, and loop power function. When it comes to the HART signal filter’s physical installation, the HRT-370 supports DIN-rail installation for easy, convenient mounting inside an industrial control equipment rack.

Key features:

  • 1x Analogue Current Output (HART Signal Filter) Channel
  • 1x Bypass HART Signal Channel
  • Supports HART Burst Mode
  • Supports Point-to-Point HART Mode
  • Allows Two HART Masters
  • Supports Loop Power Function (Module Provides +30V)
  • Provides PWR/HART/AO Indication LED
  • 4KV ESD Protection
  • 250Ω Load Resistor
  • Supports DIN-Rail Installation


Company: ICP Electronics Australia 

Phone: (02) 9457 6011 

Web: www.icp-australia.com.au