Hydraulic battery pumps

PORTABLE battery pumps are being introduced by Enerpac to drive labour-saving hydraulic tools and small to medium hydraulic cylinders on remote sites or wherever an electric cord or air hose gets in the way.

The BP series heavy duty 28V lithium ion battery pumps weigh only 9.6 to 10.9kg yet can power the latest generations of powerful high pressure single-acting tools and cylinders up to 700 bar (10,000psi).

Primary applications include bolting, tensioning, line crimping, spreaders, nut splitters, pipe flange spreaders and movement of machinery.

The two BP models (with either two-litre or four litre reservoir and flow rates of 0.25L/min at 700 bar) offer immediate charging after use, a quick one hour charge, two 3Ah battery packs and quick charger.

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