Hiquel in-Case series solves complex control requirements

Automated Control Engineering Group (A.C.E.) and Hiquel have introduced the latest solution for complex control requirements with the new in-Case series.

The in-Case series reportedly provides an integrated range of industrial monitoring and timing relays in a new, compact 22.5mm DIN rail case.

According to ACE, the series has been designed with emphasis on flexibility and incorporates a new micro-controller.

With just four monitoring relays, the series offer a complete range featuring single phase current and voltage, three phase voltage, and Thermistor monitoring. It also comes with all popular function variants, combinations and options selected by DIP switches, ACE says.

Hiquel’s new custom IC means that just three timing relays offer all standard timing functions and incorporate special features such as dual timing functions and elapsed time indication. As a result, users will benefit from lower stock investment and faster deliveries.

Other features include, LED status indication, easy to set parameters, configuration DIP switches, special angled terminal box, space saving design and manual reset button.

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