High specifications standard in new linear encoder

AMO Corporation has released the new IP67-rated LMB-410 spar linear encoder which meets high-shock, high-speed and vibration specifications.

The LMB-410 measuring scale features a stainless steel carrier and an adhesive-free mounting spar with a snap cover, and is said to perform similar to a linear optical encoder.

The encoder operates on an inductive scanning principle which is suited for general purpose machines, such as machine tools, printing equipment and aerospace applications.
The IP67 rating makes the scale ideal for dirty or contaminated conditions including being fluid submersible.

The encoder head can be equipped with wipers to automatically clean the scale during operation, and according to the company, the encoder head’s gain compensation and auto offset eliminates the need to use a test box during setup.

The LMB-410 is rated for operation which ranges from -10 to +100°C for up to 30-m measuring length and ± 3 μm/m accuracy.

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