High quality industrial vibrators for performance and reliability


Originally specialising in immersion vibrators for concrete consolidation, OLI is now the worldwide leader in vibration technology, with a complete range of electric and pneumatic internal and external vibrators. 

By supplying competitive, high-quality products for wide-ranging applications, OLI combines performance and reliability by adapting to the ever-changing market. A strong believer in innovation, OLI is constantly striving to be ahead of the opposition. As a global player in industrial vibration technology, the key focus of OLI’s business strategy is rapid stock delivery, anytime, anywhere in the world. Excellent customer service is of pivotal importance: the company guarantees quick order processing and customers worldwide can enjoy access to the same high-quality product and services.  

OLI has access to credible expertise when it comes to finding suitable solutions to customers’ requests. A team of engineers specialised in designing efficient, reliable, and safe solutions backed by globally certified management.  

OLI provides their customers with state of-the-art equipment and the blueprint for the next generation of products is already in progress. 


Due to their characteristics, many powders inside silos, hoppers, chutes, piping, tanks or any other container tend to stick to the surface. 


Any small change in the opening of the outlet, a rough surface, bends, shallow angles, the shape of the container, as well as the particle shape of the material handled might slow down the flow of the product, thus, generating waste. 


OLI flow aids are designed to solve issues caused by design errors or by the characteristics of the powder or granules handled. Moreover, they increase process efficiency and improve plant safety. 

The PS series hammers produce a high impact force thanks to a single impact between the internal piston and the metal base welded on the walls of silos and hoppers. This action is particularly effective in moving powders that tends to compact under pressure or to adhere to the walls, as well as the majority of granular and bulk materials. For this reason, the PS series products represent the ideal solution to the problems of formation of bridges and rat holes. 

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