High-performance servo electric turret punch press

MAXITEC is now distributing Finn-Power’s E5x Compact Express, a compact, high-performance servo electric turret punch press.

According to Maxitec, the unit eliminates the bulky, vibrating issue of hydraulics by using servo-electric punching technology together with programmable punch modes, stepless adjustment of speed and position and accurate forming.

The unit provides a 1250mm x 2500mm working area that reportedly requires no repositioning of the job piece. The unit’s single water-cooled servo motor operates on a ball screw for its linear movement and a pneumatic RAM return movement. A pull movement provides strokeless wearing for the mechanics.

The Pneumatic clamps with central locking and sheet security monitoring centres reportedly provide a safe production and fast setup with optional PCS and 3rd clamp with ‘move’.

With brush tables, the system can handle a maximum sheet weight of 200 kg and maximum sheet thickness of 8 mm. Optional lifting brushes provide an extra safety for sensitive materials.


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