High performance pressure transducer

Bestech Australia has released the AST20HA digitally compensated pressure transducer, from American Sensor Technologies.

The transducer reportedly offers high performance over temperature, with real time thermal compensation and linearity correction.

According to the company, the Krystal BondTM technology offers excellent non-linearity and non-repeatability performance. The accuracy, combined non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatablity, is said to be below ±0.1% FS, and stability (1 year) is typically ±0.1% FS.

Pressure ranges vary from -1…2 bar to 0…700bar. Proof pressure is 2x the standard rated pressure, and the unit can survive over 100 million pressure cycles.

The transducer is available in outputs that include 4-20mA, 1-5V, 1-10V and 0.5-4.5V ratiometric and has a compensated temperature range of 0 – 70°C.

This pressure transducer finds applications in military/aerospace vehicles and equipment, in medical laboratories, and in analytical instruments.

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