High efficiency blower range

CAPS Australia, a specialist in compressed air and power solutions, introduced the new Conquest GT Eco-Turbo Blower range.

The GT Eco-Turbo Blower range delivers superior performance as it features a high-efficiency motor and integrated variable frequency drive system which minimises the loss of compressed air into the atmosphere.

In addition, the ability to precisely control the pressure of the variable speed drive results in an overall lower average working pressure that requires less energy consumption. The use of air bearings and five axis machine impellers further enhance the blowers efficiency.

The range uses trouble-free foil air bearings for greater reliability. Individually layered foil bearings are assembled in the housing to support the shaft rather than rolling element bearings.

The foil air bearings increase reliability tenfold and require no lubrication because when the shaft rotates the air film between the bearing and the shaft protects the bearing foils from wear.

In addition, the air bearings have fewer parts necessary to support the rotating assembly and eliminate the need for complicated magnetic bearings with sophisticated control systems.

Suitable for water, wastewater, power, petroleum and chemical as well as general industry applications, the range includes over 10 blower models from 4kW to 250kW with a capacity from 3.5m3/min to 228m3/min.

The range uses technology that requires minimal equipment maintenance.

The stress as well as wear and tear on all mechanical components is reduced; while routine maintenance simply involves changing the inlet filter.

With an emphasis on green, the Conquest Eco-Turbo Blower range has been designed to be environmentally friendly. As no lubrication is required the range is oil wastage free, eliminating the need for oil disposal.

Equipped with advanced, easy-to-use controls, each model comes with three different operating modes as standard for overall blower efficiency and reliability. An Ethernet port allows the blower to communicate with various DCS systems to meet plant requirements and minimise costs.

Highly compact, each model makes use of a small footprint helping users save on space. No foundation support is required and the lightweight design eliminates the need for cranes to move the blower.

Each model is fully enclosed so that noise is kept to a minimum and does not exceed 85dBA.

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