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ION POWER, is said to be the next generation of highly innovative Virtual AC™ static neutralisers from MKS ION Industrial, brings a new level of control and systems integration to today’s high speed production processes.

The system is said to be ideal for absolute static control management on all web converting applications and utilises Virtual AC’s existing compact, modular plug-and-play design. The new system effectively neutralises over a range of 750mm and at web/material speeds of over 900 metres per minute.

Key components of the ION POWER system, the 8100 POWER MODULE and the 8200 MANAGER Master Controller, are microprocessor-controlled providing excellent flexibility for control and monitoring.

A single 8200 MANAGER can be used to monitor and control up to nine static neutralizing stations while displaying the performance and diagnostic parameters for each individual system.

Using a two-wire RS-485 bus to communicate with all 8100 POWER MODULES on the network, the 8200 MANAGER displays ion output and neutralising current values for each station, as well as “Clean Bar” and “Fault” alarms.

Now, control over a multi-station system is quickly simplified with the ability to turn on or off individual neutralisers, scan and view individual system performance, and set clean bar alarm values for each station — all from the convenience of the intelligent interface of the 8200 MANAGER.

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